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Specialty Chemical Manufacturing and Processing

Manpak provides custom manufacturing and packaging solutions for a variety of products, including Dangerous Goods.

Manpak is a specialty chemical manufacturer, providing flexible solutions to match your standards and requirements. Our tailored services include formulation development and modification, toll blending, material processing, SOP development, and full analytical laboratory support.

Thanks to our extensive product lines, we can process a wide variety of products to service your business needs.

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Dangerous Goods

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Powder Processing

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Contract Manufacturing

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Contract Filling

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Research & Development

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Custom Chemical Manufacturing and Packaging

Manpak is a Melbourne-based specialty chemical manufacturer. We offer custom solutions to businesses that manufacture in Australia

We have over 45 years of experience in formulating, blending and packaging of chemicals, a proven track record of providing high quality products to various industries across the country and DG rated facilities. Manpak is a perfect contract manufacturing partner for your business.

Value, Service, Quality

Outsourced toll manufacturing can save money in a number of ways. Manpak can reduce the cost of maintaining expensive production facilities, purchasing and holding raw materials, hiring and training labour, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Manpak provides custom manufacturing that incorporates formulation and blending, material processing, SOP development, and full analytical laboratory support.

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